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Stelton EM water filters 2,0 l smoke

€24.50 * Instead of:€34.95 *

Stelton EM77 steel vacuum jug 1 l

€89.00 * Instead of:€124.95 *

Stelton EM jug w. lid 1.5 l

From €24.99 * Instead of:€44.95 *

Stelton EM77 ABS vacuum jug 1 l

From €43.95 * Instead of:€59.95 *

Stelton tea strainer f. vacuum jug

€18.95 * Instead of:€19.95 *

Stelton EM77 ABS vacuum jug 0.5 l

From €49.95 * Instead of:€54.95 *

Stelton EM ABS press white coffee maker

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Stelton EM steel bowl w. lid 0.3 l

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Stelton EM77 soft black vacuum jug 1 l

€69.95 * Instead of:€79.95 *

Stelton EM ABS tea maker 1 l

From €49.95 * Instead of:€54.95 *

Stelton EM77 metalic vacuum jug 1 l

€119.95 * Instead of:€149.95 *

Stelton EM oil lamp

From €69.95 * Instead of:€95.95 *

Stelton EM steel creamer 0.25 l

€56.95 * Instead of:€59.95 *

Stelton EM black creamer 0.25 l

€23.70 * Instead of:€24.95 *

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Stelton - EM Vacuum jug and more

The former owner of the Danish design company Stelton Peter Holmblad wanted to offer in the early 1970s a vacuum jug in his collection. He wanted to create a pot that matched to the famous Cylinda-Line. The Cylinda-Line collection was designed at his request to his father in law, the famous Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. After his death in 1971, the Cylinda-Line could not be extended. Peter Holmblad get to know while his search for a designer the young Erik Magnussen.
He worked intensively with the heritage of Arne Jacobsen his Cylinda-Line. EM took to the strict form of the classic design and formed a cylindrical jug, which has a slightly smooth shape. Peter Holmblad and EM tinkered long to the refined and unique rocker stopper of the now world famous jug.
Thanks production experience by Cylinda-Line, Stelton had the know-how to form such a large cylindrical stainless steel body.
1977, the jug was first offered in the stainless steel version with the appropriate accessories such as milk jug and sugar bowl. The colorful and shiny plastic coating for the jug first appeared in 1979 in three colors. The color palette was gradually extended and since 2008 there is the jug again and again offered in limited editions with seasonal colors.
Since 1986, there are in addition to the liter version also has a half-liter version. In 2005, the jug was presented with a soft-touch cover and since 2013, it is also with polished metal colors available such as copper and brass.
The jug by the Danish designer Erik Magnussen is one of the largest Scandinavian design icons like the Aalto vase and the dishes range Teema from Iittala.
It has won several awards and is found in many design museums.
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