Prepayment( - 3 ) Preypayment ( - 3% )
You will automatically receive a 3% discount on the value of goods. After completion the order we will send you an e-mail with all necessary information for your transfer. A bank transfer within Germany takes 1-2 business days for international transfers 2-4 business days. If your payment is credited to our account, your goods (if available) will ship immediately.
Note: Prepayment is not available in all supplier countries. Please remember to transfer in EURO.
credit card Credit card
We accept Visa and MasterCard. The credit card will be charged with completing the order. You have a high data protection because your personal data will only be used for the purchase process (no caching) and the data is transmitted using the latest encryption methods.
PayPal Paypal
When you pay via PayPal, you will automatically be forwarded to your PayPal account after the order is completed. Alternatively, you can directly use the PayPal Express button to access your address data at PayPal. Your PayPal account will be charged after the order has been placed.
Note: PayPal is not available in all supplier countries.
amazon payments Amazon pay
Shop quickly and easily and use information stored in your Amazon account. Pay safely without entering your shipping and billing information. They are protected by the A to Z Guarantee - like when shopping at Amazon. The amazon account is charged after the order has been sent.
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