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Design House Stockhom - since 1992

The company Design House Stockholm was founded in 1992 by Anders Färdig. Anders grew up in the place of Småland named Boda situated in southern Sweden. A strong caregiver in his childhood was his mentor and godfather Erik Rosén.
Rrik Rosén was the director of the glassworks in Boda. He was very agile and creative to recruit the young artist Erik Höglund (1932-1998) from Stockholm for the small manufacturer. Höglund revolutionized the collection with his artistic designs. The glasswork attracted worldwide attention with the new art glass. Because of capacity constraints then in the 1960s Erik Rosén also worked with the factories in Åfors and Kosta together, later the three companies merged as a result the world famous brand Kosta Boda came out.
Furthermore, Erik Rosén founded the companies Boda Smide and Boda Nova. Boda Smide became internationally known through beautifully forged candlesticks, often paired with glass inserts for candles. This company still works, but has fallen into oblivion internationally due to lack of novelties and the high prices.Boda Nova was founded in the early 1970s by Erik. The collection of Boda Nova should include modern, functional and formally beautiful products relating to food and drink. In particular, the design of the married couple John Melin and Signe Persson-Melin formed the range. The brand was sold in 1988 to Höganäs Keramik and after several changes of ownership Höganäs Keramik and Boda Nova was sold to the Iittala group. As because of following a restructuring process of the group, the brand Boda Nova was discontinued in 2007.
Anders Färdig was so influenced by one of the most influential managers of the heyday of Swedish design. As a young man Anders then worked as a designer for Höganäs Keramik, Boda Nova and Rörstrand. Later, he held leading positions at Kosta Boda, Boda Nova and the branch store Duka.
In 1992 he decided to start his own business and founded the company Design House Stockholm. The aim of his company's idea was primarily to offer unique design objects particularly by Swedish designers. The products are said to have good shape, well functional and a special aura. The final breakthrough of the brand succeeded in 1997, when he took up the Block Lamp (a design by Harri Koskinen) in its range. The new lamp which is characterized by the simplicity, was awarded all over the world and taken immediately into the collection and exhibition of MoMA. Today Anders Färdig says: "I had no chance!" to go another way. Due to the strong influence of his godfather Anders Färdig is now one of the most competent and influential persons to market sophisticated Swedish design.