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Sebra – Interior for Kids

The company Sebra was founded in 2004 by Mia Dela in Esbjerg, Denmark. Mia attended the design school in Kolding in south eastern Jutland. The school is there since 1967 later in 2010 turned into a university. Graphic design, industrial design and textile design are taught there. The prestigious educational institution cooperates with many well-known companies in the South of Jutland like Ecco, Lego and Georg Jensen Damask.

The inspiration for a company

After the graduation in 2001, Mia Dela first worked as a designer and designed for one of the famous companies. As she expected her son Gustav in 2002, she tried to set up the room for him lovingly. But commercially it was simply nothing suitable. Either the design was not right or the quality did not meet the requirements of Mia. The young designer often missed the passion for this important subject. Many furniture caused lack of innovation in her opinion.

The own concerns become Sebra

Because Mia is hand gifted and can form of course, she allowed finishing the children room for Gustav without further ado according to her own draughts. The idea for the children brand Sebra was born from this big project. The products of the brand should stand for quality, color, old crafts like crochet and knitting work and creativity. To add the choice of materials of her collection was particularly important to Mia. Till this day she uses mainly natural materials like cotton when possible from organic cultivation, wood and wool.

Success in Denmark - and beyond

Initially, she designed a collection for babies and toddlers after the birth of Gustav. She also designed duvet covers, bibs, scrims, children dishes, toys and more. Then she searched for manufacturers who produce the products that meet the desired quality of her. She visited with her company the fair Formland in Herning where the designer companies exhibit and made her first business contacts. Her collection became quickly successful in Denmark and Mia had to find a new place for the kids label. The young brand finally settled in the north of Esbjerg, the largest city on the Danish North Sea coast.

Sebra at

In Denmark Sebra has become one of the most popular brands for baby and toddler accessories. Especially popular is the Sebra Elephant accompanied as crochet pull toy toddlers at first explorations and adventures. The textiles, toys or children tableware line Forest inspire children with animal motifs. The brand can be found even in the renowned design department Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen. Now the label is distributed in over 35 countries, employs 20 people who have 37 children and offers more than 300 products. The distinctive products of the responsible labels are living proof for quality and innovation and thus typically Scandinavian. We are pleased to offer the sympathetic products especially for babies and toddlers with us.

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