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Christian Bitz

The company F&H of Scandinaviastarted a project with the Danish nutritionists ChristianBitz in 2015. The Danish company is the largest sales andimport company in Scandinavia for tableware, kitchenware and livingaccessories products. It sells more than 30 brands in Denmark, Swedenand Norway, some brands are of own brands such as Södahl andNuance of Scandinavia.

The management of thecompany became aware about the young and creative scientists bybroadcasting the series of diet professional Christian Bitz on Danishtelevision. Bitz is a master in nutrition science and is today amongother scientific director at the hospital in Herlev and Gentofte.

Take your time to eat with Bitz

Bitz pays attention to hisnutritional approach not only on the type of food, but also on time andenvironment, as we take the food to us. With his collection he wants tobring us to the fact that we take the time to eat our meals. He usedharmonious and typically functional and timeless shapes for his dishes,glassesand cutleryin fantastic Scandinaviandesign. The dishes are on one hand made from mat glazedstoneware where in the glaze fails deliberately different, so it is notboring us in the consideration. On the other hand there are some dishesin Fine Bone China,so that an interesting tension can occur between the matte stonewareand glossy thin bone china.

His cutlery is alsoavailable in three versions: black, brass and stainless steel. By themixture of the colors and the utensils of the set table adds a certainsomething that for whiling away at the meal.

He rounded off his littlecollection with shapely and elegant glasses. Especially with the water tumbler youcan see by the size, the importance of the nutrition professional isdrinking.

Since 2016, the new brandin Scandinavia can be seen in the shops and is also by the harmoniousdesign well received. Since the Ambientein 2016, F & H offers its young label also in Germany.

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