Delivery time?

Shipment within Germany: 1-3 working days

Usually orders until 12 a.m. (CET) will be shipped the same business day. The DHL package reaches you in 1-3 working days within Germany. For deliveries abroad we need 4-15 working days, due to the different running time of the packets. If a product has a longer delivery time, this will depend on the product detail page and in the shopping cart screen (see also Additional Information…)



Order to € 28,99 € 4,95
Order of € 29,00 free shipping

Austria / Benelux

Order to   € 99,99 € 8,90
Order of € 100,00 free shipping


Order to € 249,99 € 12,50
Order of € 250,00 free shipping

Europe not EU

Order to € 349,99 € 19,00
Order of € 350,00 free shipping


Order to € 749,99 € 49,00
Order of € 750,00 free shipping

Additional Information:

Packing stations

We deliver to pakcing stations. Please enter the adress of the packing station as the delivery address. You can enter the PostNummer in the "Additional address field".

Partial deliveries

Usually we ship your order completely. If you order products with different delivery times, we can make a free part delivery. Contact us if you want a partial delivery. Free partial deliveries abroad are not possible.

Delivery time display

If a product is not in stock at our warehouse in sufficient numbers, it will be ordered for you. The expected delivery time within Germany is displayed on the product detail page, in your shopping cart and in the order confirmation e-mail. For deliveries abroad you need to add the longer running time of the packets. You will be notified separately when unexpected delays occur.

Switzerland and non-EU countriess

Swiss customers and non-EU customers do not pay the German VAT (19%) and will receive a net invoice. The VAT is levied on the country, mostly by the customs authorities. Additional may incur other fees and charges. For information, see, for example and for import turnover tax under and specially for Switzerland

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