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Kay Bojesen Denmark - world famous wooden toys

The Danish Kay Bojesen completed his apprenticeship as a silversmith at the renowned Danish silversmith company Georg Jensen. In 1913 he opened his own firm in Copenhagen and worked self-employed until 1930, where he became the art director of the Bing & Grøndahl porcelain factory. Already 1932 he got self-employed, again and opened a shop in Copenhagen. In the 1930ties he started to design wooden figurines. In 1938 he designed his cutlery, which was later awarded at the Milan Triennial in 1951 with the Grand Prix. Since this time is it called Grand Prix it became the cutlery of the nation of Denmark.

Monkey, bird, elephant – wooden figures with Scandinavian charm

In 1951 he designed his masterpiece the famous monkey with movable arms and legs. In 1952 his company became a purveyor to his Majesty the King of Denmark. Later his son Otto continued the business with a huge collection of Kay designed products. Especially with the wooden figures like the monkeys, horses, elephants, rabbits, dogs or hippos one can see the fun of Kay Bojesen what he had with his creative work and also to transfer the feeling to their users if it a child or an adult.

The provisional end of the brand

Finally in 1990, Otto Bojesen had to close the business. The rights for the collection were taken over by the firm Rosendahl which was founded in 1984. In the 1990s, the monkey and the guards of the Danish Majesty were offered under the brand Rosendahl. With the takeover of the traditional glass brand Holmegaard, the company changed its name from Rosendahl to Rosendahl Design Group, the label Kay Bojesen Denmark followed 2011. Since the foundation of the brand, the animal kingdom has grown a little more every year. Also Santa Clause or a parrotfish are part of the current assortment of Kay Bojesen Denmark.

Buy beautiful things for children and adults from Kay Bojesen on

Meanwhile, the brand also offers woolen blankets with the popular monkey pattern, graphically implemented by the Danish graphic artist Bo Bendixen. Moreover, some toys like the baby rattle and alphabet boxes are offered again. Since 2011 the phenomenal cutlery has been offered by the granddaughter who founded the company Kay Bojesen. Order all these figures, toys and blankets online at!

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