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Elvang scarf knitted alpaca 30x180 cm

From €65.50 * Instead of:€79.00 *

Elvang tubular scarf alpaca 50x160 cm

€83.90 * Instead of:€105.00 *

Elvang Pepita scarf alpaca 30x200 cm

€49.60 * Instead of:€62.00 *

Elvang seat cover

€34.95 * Instead of:€39.95 *


Elvang Denmark - the specialist for Alpaca from Scandinavia

Elvang´s vision is to combine the best of two worlds: one of the world's finest fibers from the Peruvian Alpaca with a contemporary Scandinavian design. Elvang is the name behind luxurious textiles which are made with integrity and pride. Ethical and Fair Trade lie at the heart of all we do. The Luxury throw collection is classically coloured in 100% baby alpaca wool. The name is inspired by the feeling of luxury you will experience when the amazingly soft alpaca wool caresses your skin.The fibres of the alpaca wool are fine and thin, and textiles made of alpaca wool are thus very soft. Baby alpaca wool is extra fine and soft and primarily comes from the first cut of the alpacas, when they are about 2½ years old.The fibres of the alpaca woolare semi-hollow; giving Alpaca fibre added insulating value. We use this quality to weave extra fine and thin textiles that will still keep you warm. And when it is warm, the textiles feel cool.The structure of the alpaca fibre makes it more hard-wearing than other wool fibres as for instance sheep wool and cashmere. Thus you can have your alpaca products for many years.Textiles made of sheep wool often pill and get bits of fluff. This is due to the fact that wool fibres are uneven, which make the fibres stick to each other and eventually develop bits of fluff. Alpaca fibres are however smooth. Due to the large content of alpaca wool and a special technique of weaving our products have minimum pill.
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