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Kähler Design Omaggio jar

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Kähler Design Omaggio plate Ø 21 cm

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Omaggio is an Italian word and means gift. This was also the intention of both Danish designers Jelena Schou Nordentoft and Ditte Reckweg when they got the design task from the renowned Danish ceramics company Kähler. For nearly 200 years the name Kähler is synonymous for high-quality and sophisticated ceramics from Denmark. In 2007 the traditional brand witnessed a comeback. By the series Omaggio the young team of the label achieved quick breakthrough on the Danish market. Meanwhile, the series has become the design icon through worldwide. Initially the series only consisted of vases and later has been gradually expanded. The series is distinguished by simple and harmonious forms, but also by distinctive colored stripes. The two design elements soft shapes paired with a striking colored block stiffeners together give a very interesting tension. Meanwhile, the vase is available in different sizes and even as a miniature. Furthermore Kähler now offers dishes and candle holders with the successful design. The Omaggio vase is now cult in Denmark and a must-have for every fan of Denmark.

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