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Holmegaard No. 5 beer 30 cl

€19.99 * Instead of:€24.95 *

Holmegaard Skibglas red wine 25 cl

€27.95 * Instead of:€29.95 *

Holmegaard Idéelle red wine 28 cl

€27.95 * Instead of:€29.95 *

Holmegaard Idéelle white wine 19 cl

€27.95 * Instead of:€29.95 *

Holmegaard Skibglas white wine 17 cl

€27.95 * Instead of:€29.95 *

Holmegaard Fontaine tumbler 24 cl

€14.95 * Instead of:€19.95 *

Holmegaard Design with light lantern heigth...

From €29.99 * Instead of:€39.95 *

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Your specialist for Scandinavian lifestyle

Welcome, välkommen, tervetuloa... a journey into the Scandinavian serenity and timeless modernity of good taste.
Anyone who has been in Scandinavia, who knows the boundless tranquility and friendliness that combines efficiency with beauty. Clean lines, functionality and fancy shapes characterize the Scandinavian design and are due to a close love relationship between man and nature. With an extensive selection of products of famous designers scandinavian-lifestyle offers a Nordic way of life that awakens the holiday romance of healthy living in nature. It reminds us of the deep forests, the blue, crystal clear lakes and red wooden houses or the original landscape with rushing rivers, small streams, which will culminate in the land of the 100,000 lakes.
Some of the known names who are constantly presenting their products in our collection, such as Aino Aalto, her husband Alvar Aalto, Maija Isola, Arne Jacobsen, Kaj Franck, Poul Henningsen, Göran Wärff, Bertil Vallien and many other delight us with their smart design solutions in glass, ceramics, furniture, textiles and clothes. They enrich us and our home with a refreshing everyday aesthetics. Are you ready for Scandinavian design?
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