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Stelton - Stockholm

Carl Philip Bernadotte, the brother of Swedish crown princess Victoria and his partner Oscar Kylberg have designed this elegant series made of aluminium (decorated with cold enamel) for the renowned Danish design brand Stelton. Both of them worked together for two years in designing the collection. The two designers were inspired by the beauty of Stockholm’s archipelago. The Stock archipelago consists of about 30,000 islets and rocks. This unique landscape of Scandinavia extends up to 80 kilometers to the east of Swedish capital. The big and small islands and islets or the rocks are heavens to the nature lover’s especially ideal vacation place for summer visitors. Among the large islands like Utö (known for the eponymous Aquavit), Sandhamn and Blidö are renowned for their summer guests and the seductive parties that go until deep night. Carl Philip Bernadotte and his partner experienced many adventures as real Stockholm children in the archipelago.
The two designers got inspiration from this beautiful archipelago nature to design their Stockholm series. The wonderfully designed bowls and vases are formed perfectly and look fascinating through their play of colors.
in Spring 2015, the Danish design brand Stelton presented the series at the worldwide leading trade fair Frankfurt.
At the beginning, the renowned brand offered a version with white and deep blue decor with the name Aquatic. The color position show the deep blue Baltic water with the small white foam crowns that splash on the archipelago.
In Autumn 2015, the decor Horizon followed for this wonderful series by the two creative designers. Horizon represents many reflections of the deep blue Baltic Sea water in the archipelago. The Baltic Sea has a light swell in the Archipelago and is always in motion because the seawater sloshes repeatedly to island shores, it is always in motion. Therefore, it always comes back to the natural spectacle with reflections between the sun, sea and land.<7p>

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