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Røros Tweed Melgaard woollen throw 130x200 cm

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Røros Tweed – high quality pillows and throws since 1940

The Norwegian woolen blanket weaving mill is located on the homonymous mountain town Røros in the southeast of central Norway close to the Swedish border. The town is the onliest Norwegian mountain town (height 630 m) and was once one of the most important mining towns in Norway. The town was founded in the 17th century after the copper ore was discovered. The ore was mined for over 300 years in Røros. Of course, the foundation of the wool weaving mill is also connected with the important industry for the town. The director of the copper hut Peder Hiort has left his fortune to a foundation for the poor by his will. The foundation bought wool from the capital which was then processed in homework by hired hand to clothes. After completion, the homeworkers got their wages and the finished clothes were distributed to the poor. Many of the wage labor were among the poor and also received clothing from the foundation. Until today, the foundation of Peder Hiort is still one of the most helpful foundational ideas of Scandinavia.

Scandinavian design, Norwegian homework

This unique tradition later led to the founding of wool weaving mill Røros Tweed. The company operates a central spinning mill in Røros but the blankets and pillows are still woven in homework. Another special feature is that the label, which refers to wool only from Norway. The wool is only collected from Norway which is a special feature for the Norwegian label. For the high-quality products, of course, best virgin and lamb wool is used. Therefore, the blankets are particularly fluffy as well as hard-wearing. This is what distinguishes the pillows and blankets of Røros Tweed

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Furthermore, the Norwegian company places a lot of value to the design of the patterns which have also folkloric roots and on the other side graphically modern symbolism or the Bauhaus as base. The guiding principle of the wool weaving mill is to combine the Norwegian way of life and pillows or blankets with sophisticated technology at the highest quality standards. The Norwegian brand is Scandinavia's leading blankets and pillows supplier beside Klippan Yllefabrik. Numerous homely blankets and comfortable pillows by Røros Tweed can be found on!

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