Piet Hein Super vase white height 20 cm

Piet Hein Super vase white height 20 cm

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Piet Hein Super vase white height 20 cm

Design:Piet Hein

The glass art series comprises 77 vases and bowls. The colours ranging from orange, red, black, and white to crystal clear glass make the design perfect to contain anything from e.g. beautiful long-stemmed flowers in a vase to small delicious olives in a beautiful glass bowl.


Feature: Handmade

Care: handwash

Measurements: height 20,0 cm (7,87 inch); Ø 14,5 cm (5,51 inch);

Weight: 1206 Gramm (2,66 Pound)

Country: Denmark

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Piet Hein  1905-1996

Piet Hein 1905-1996

Piet Hein was one of a kind, and he was friend with such diverse types as Albert Einstein and Charles Chaplin. Through his life he balanced elegantly between the subjective world of arts and factual sciences. He was called a poetic architectural designer and was compared to Leonardo da Vinci for his skills as a Universalist in diverse genres such as scientific writings, essays, poetry, and architecture. ”Art is the solution to problems which cannot be formulated clearly before they are resolved”, said Piet Hein. In 1959 Piet Hein decided to invent a novel absolute physical form, which is something of an achievement, considering most of our basic mathematics is several thousand years old. He wanted to resolve the ancient conflict between the orthogonal shape and the round shape. The creation of the SuperEllipse was the solution to a very specific problem, namely Sergels Torg: a 200 meter long square that was built in central Stockholm, where two highways meet in a ”roundabout”. Piet Hein was asked to help designing it. The formula was calculated on a computer, which was at a very early stage of today’s computer technology. Since then, the unique shape has been used in various places all over the world - in residential areas and athletic facilities such as the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City and the swimming pool of DGI-byen in Copenhagen. Also in a much smaller scale - but with a huge spread - Piet Hein’s unique super-elliptical shape has been used, particularly in the design of bowls and handles, and not least the famous dinner table, where there are no hard corners and the space is maximized. ”Who need corners?”, asked Piet Hein, and continued: ”- apart from those on the handkerchief, which may become useful from time to time.”
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