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Nokian - Rubber boots

Legendary Finnish rubber boots Nokian brand comes to 1898, where in Helsinki founded the company Suomen Gummithedas. The company produced high quality rubber products such as Gallo's and tires. The company grew quickly and moved in 1904 in the young town Nokia near Tampere. 1964 Nokia bought the company.
The town was founded with the foundation of Nokia Company from Fredrik Idestam 1865. The company developed over the years into a conglomerate with the field of rubber, electronics, forestry and cable production. With the invention of cell phones all other areas were gradually sold. 2005, the Finnish family Berner bought the brand and production of Nokian rubber boots and integrated its into their corporate group.
The Finnish Nokian brand is known for its high quality rubber boots, which are characterized by high wearing comfort and robustness. The boots are made of natural rubber and handmade work. Absolute classic in the collection is Hai and Finnjagd boots. The Hai is the basis of boots for all occasions - whether beach or forest walk or for shopping in rainy weather. The boot is very comfortable, thanks to the natural material and the boot is not getting stiff while cold weather and can be worn comfortably for hours even in this weather.
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