Nokian Wellington Finnjagd black

Nokian Wellington Finnjagd black

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Nokian Wellington Finnjagd black


Legendary Finnish rubber boots brand Nokian goes back in 1898, where the company Suomen Gummithedas founded in Helsinki. The company produced high quality rubber products such as Gallo's and tires. The company grew quickly and moved in 1904 in the young town Nokia near Tampere. 1964 the company Nokia bought the company. With the invention of mobile phone all other areas were gradually sold. 2005, the Finnish family company Berner bought the brand Nokian and its production of rubber boots and integrated them into their corporate group. The Finnish brand Nokian is known for its high quality rubber boots, which are characterized by high wearing comfort and robustness. The boots are made ??of natural rubber and hand-detailed work. Absolute classic in the collection is the Hai and Finnjagd boot.
The boots Finnjagd is the absolute classic of Nokian collection. It is suitable for any application, including a rugged and comfortable boot is required. The boots made ??of natural rubber, the boots will not cut the leg and can be worn long. The boot is reinforced at the heel, sole and the sides of the foot bed, so that a firm and secure passage in any terrain is suitable. The foot bed has been specifically designed for hours of use, so that you can wear good hiking, fishing, gardening, etc. comfortably. Furthermore, the boot on the shaft is provided with a lacing so that the shaft can be adjusted individually.

Material:natural rubber, polyester (lining), metal (shaft)

Fit: Height 39 cm Calf circumference 42 cm (size 42), a number is larger

Note: to - 40 ° C/104 ° F flexible, removable inner sole, quick dry lining. Waterproof, calf circumference adjustable

Country: Finland

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