Nääsgränsgården christmas ball Tomte 3

Nääsgränsgården christmas ball Tomte 3

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Nääsgränsgården christmas ball Tomte 3

Design:Ruth Vetter

The small company Nääsgränsgården located in the southern Sweden near Gothenburg in place Skene. The team led by Per Anders Elled are convinced that it is our little house friends the gnomes exist in Swedish Tomte and protect us. Because the team has so in love with this small and cute, but also so loving and helpful forms, they design always new characters that enrich their great Tomte families. Of course there are the gnomes throughout the year and are a particularly wide range of it at Christmas time.
A second figure in the collection is the angel which as luck angel, angels month and of course there as a Christmas angel. At Easter, the small Swedish company unsurpassed chickens and roosters in different colors.

Material:glass, resin

Measurements: height 10,5 cm (4,13 inch);

Country: Sweden

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Ruth Vetter

Ruth Vetter

Ruth Vetter works in her ceramics workshop at home in Onsala, a little place near the sea on the west coast of Sweden. She was born and grew up in the German town of Lemgo. “I trained as a seamstress and then went to textile college, before spending a few years working at a textile factory. It wasn’t until we moved to Sweden around 40 years ago that ceramics came into my life. We were on holiday on Gotland and I was fascinated by all the beautiful ceramics I saw there. After that trip, I started going on courses and I gradually learned the craft. However, at the time I had no idea that this would end up being my career. “When we had our second child, I needed a little me time and something to occupy myself with in the evenings, and this period gave me an opportunity to take my creativity forward in the medium of ceramics. “Before I got my own ceramics workshop, I worked in our garage. Gradually, I started selling my products at various markets and then started taking commissions. That was how I came into contact with Nääsgränsgården around 15 years ago. My first commission from them was for some ‘Easter witches’ and a Santa we called ‘the Decorative Santa’. The partnership worked well, and the Decorative Santa remains a big seller, becoming something of a signature product for Nääsgränsgården. draw inspiration from everything around me, impressions that I subconsciously collect, and then I turn them into my creations when the spirit takes me.”
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