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Lyngby Porcelæn - Thermodan & Tsé

The series Thermodan from 1957 was the first insulated porcelain series worldwide. The special feature of these thermos-isolated porcelain products is that the articles have double walls and their interior is hollow. Due to this sophisticated technique, we do not get hot fingers and the designer can create more elegant shapes as the handles of typical porcelain sets can be omitted.

Renowned Innovation

When Thermodan was first introduced, this technique was absolutely new and surprising. The series was designed by the ceramic artist Axel Brüel and was awarded a silver medal at the 1960 Triennale in Milan. The production team of the porcelain factory in Lyngby ran trials for one year until the series could finally be produced. The series never became a bestseller, but it was an exceptional prestige carrier for the Danish brand. For example, it was exhibited in the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art.

The functional character of this beautiful porcelain set is also visible in the details of the set. For instance a subtle ripple pattern was added on the elegant coffee jug, this was meant to create a better grip. This characteristic was also continued on the sugar bowl, milk jug and the cups of the collection.

A new start for Thermodan

After the closure of the porcelain factory in Lyngby, also the thermo-porcelain disappeared again.  That is, until 2002 when Royal Copenhagen offered a thermo mug again, and up to now new sizes and forms are added to the line. After that, other Danish companies like Menu and Aida experimented with the technology. In 2007, Royal Copenhagen launched an alternative to the elaborate manufacturing process: instead of producing the mug with hollow walls, they fitted broad colored silicone rings around the mugs. Later, also Eva Solo adopted this idea.

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After the relaunch of the brand Lyngby Porcelæn in 2012, the young but traditional brand also reintroduced the design highlight Thermodan in 2014. The particular elegance and grace of the coffeepot is also visible in the cups, bigger mugs, sugar bowl and milk jug of the series. Buy your Scandinavian design classics by Lyngby Porcelæn and many other brands in our online shop at!

Tsé came into being through a collaboration between the young but traditional brand Lyngby Porcelæn from Denmark and the Taiwanese Pili Wu from the HAN Gallery in Taipei. The HAN Gallery is known worldwide for Asian design, rooted in Chinese culture. The riffle deco of the Tsé series was inspired by the riffle pattern of the traditional disposable dishes used by food stalls in Taiwan. The material is fired at very high temperatures and therefore does not need to be glazed. Furthermore, after the firing, the vessels are polished again to create a silky-smooth feel.

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The Lyngby Porcelæn series Tsé, with its Chinese influence, is a design highlight by the revived Danish label Lyngby Porcelæn. Candle holders, bowls with lids, cups or the teapot are a highlight for every dining table, thanks to their harmonious shapes. Furthermore, they can be harmoniously combined with the Lyngby series Thermodan. Of course, you can buy both collections online at! 

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