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Lyngby Porcelæn - Joe Colombo Vases

This mouth-blown series of vases is named after its designer, the Italian Joe Colombo (1930-1971). Colombo loved the functionalism, which was almost a dogma for him. In 1965 he designed the vase 2 in 1. This design exemplifies functionalism as the guiding design principle. It was the first vase, deliberately designed for multiple uses. So the vase can be used as a flower vase, as well as a decorative lantern. The Lyngby Porcelæn vase is a challenge for the glassmaker because he has to merge two types of glass. For this reason, each piece is slightly different and one of a kind.

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Since 2015, the Joe Colombo vase 2 in 1 is manufactured again by the Danish brand Lyngby Porcelæn. Compared to the original design, only the size and color options for the upright, elegant vase were adjusted. Lyngby Porcelæn started the relaunch with vases in 18 cm and 24 cm height and in four different colors. Aficionados of Scandinavian design enjoy a wide range selection of products at

The series pays tribute to the Danish ceramic artist and musician Axel Brüel. Brüel freelanced and he worked as a designer for the Lyngby Porcelænsfabrikken. When the Copenhagen company Karakter relaunched the formerly very successful brand Lyngby Porcelæn in 2012, the team naturally searched for past bestsellers. In the large product range of the porcelain factory, founded in 1936, they came across the multifunctional jugs AB by Axel Brüel. For the relaunch in 2015, Brüel’s daughter Charlotte designed matching water glasses for the elegant carafes. Since then, the series is offered in glass again.

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The Lyngby Porcelæn collection AB/C is currently offered in clear glass and in a burgundy-hue. At scandinavian-lifestyle, friends of the beautiful designs by the Danish label can find additional products by Lyngby Porcelæn.

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