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Lyngby Porcelæn Form Vases

The series Form originated at the art department of the former porcelain factory Porcelænsfabrikken in Lyngby. They were simple elegant vases, made of porcelain in small numbers by Lyngby Porcelæn. In 2012 the Copenhagen company Karakter relaunched the brand and the complete archive of the formerly most successful Danish porcelain brand was sighted. In the archive, the initiator of the relaunch, Christian Elving, came across the discreet and harmonically shaped vase series. He decided that glass would emphasize the elegant character of the vase series even more and chose a nice color range for the 2016 relaunch of the series.

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Initially the vases were elaborately painted. However, the elementary form of the vases showcases nicely the features of modern Scandinavian design. Thus the label decided to let the form of the initial vase speak for itself. Preserved were also the numbers from the 1969 Lyngby Porcelæn catalogue, explaining the Names of the vases today, such as 130, 140, 71 and so on. Friends of these pleasing designs order the new classic by Lyngby Porcelæn at!

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