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Lyngby Porcelæn Vase & Acc. bowl w. lid...

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Lyngby Porcelæn Vase & Acc. bowl w. lid...

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Lyngby Porcelæn – The story of a vase

Since 1904, the wholesaler Holst & Knudsen offered the imported glass and chinaware from the Danish city of Aarhus. The goods were mostly produced by mass factories from Germany and could be offered to fair prices through the cheap production.

An idea was born

In 1930 Denmark rose considerable customs duty on the German porcelain and therefore management decided to make porcelain by itself in 1936. The porcelain manufactory Lyngby was established in a former sugar factory in Kongens Lyngby near Copenhagen. The brand quickly became successful as a cheaper supplier in the home market and had been the market leader in Denmark soon. The former director Dr. Søren Berg placed a lot value on high level craftsmanship and technology.

The temporary end of Lyngby

The dishes Danild from the 1950s was a huge success decorated by Danish porcelain painter Axel Brüel (1900-1977). This dish is still searched antiquarian and bought in Denmark. Also the cooperation with Esben Klint of the traditional Danish lamp factory Le Klint is worth mentioning at this phase.

By foreign currency restriction the production could not be automated further and the mmarket position deteriorated by imports and newly emerged Danish providers, so that the production was closed down in 1960.

The Lyngby Vase

Over the years, simple porcelain vase with fluted shape became a wanted classic in Denmark and the vase from Lyngby Porcelæn became just “The Lyngby Vase”. Since 2013, the classic is offered by the Copenhagen company Karakter as Lyngby vase under the brand name Lyngby Porcelæn again. Karakter expanded the collection with relaunchsa and new designs step by step. Since fall 2016 the brand belongs to Rosendahl Design Group.The vase is also offered in a redesign and cheap version under the brand name Lyngby from Hilfing Design.

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