Lyngby Glas Crystal Melodia longdrink 36 cl 6 pcs

Lyngby Glas Crystal Melodia longdrink 36 cl 6 pcs

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Lyngby Glas Crystal Melodia longdrink 36 cl 6 pcs

Design:F & H of Scandinavia

In 2015, F & H of Scandinavia re-launched the Danish traditional brand Lyngby Glas. F & H is the largest sales distributor for household items in Scandinavia. The company imports many brands for the Danish and Norwegian markets. However it also distributes Danish brands such as Kähler Design, Jacob Jensen and Piet Hein in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
For about 15 years, the company has been building more and more of its own brands either through acquisitions or through proprietary developments. Furthermore, the most internationally recognized brand is Södahl, a young trend brand from F & H is Bitz - dishes, drinking glasses, cutlery. The concept for Bitz was developed together with the Danish nutritionist Christian Bitz.
Some time ago, F & H's awesome team discovered new crystal trends in the shops in the search for new trends in Finland. Finland is often a pioneer in new trends due to the extreme competitive situation in trade.
In search of a concept for the new trend, the brand Lyngby Glas came in reality which was very successful in Denmark.
The brand was very popular in Denmark and is still today used a term among the Danes for crystal glass. The name comes from the glassworks in Lyngby which was founded in 1940 by the glass and porcelain wholesaler Holger Jepsen in the homonymous town near Copenhagen. Since 1873, glass was already produced in Lyngby with interruptions and it belonged to one of the most important glassworks locations of the country. At first, products of everyday needs were produced like bottles. When Holger Jepsen took over the glassworks after several closures in 1940, he concentrated on stemware and tumbler production and became one of the most successful suppliers in Denmark with the Lyngby Glas brand. To extend, he also imported goods from various countries. It took many years for the brand to earn popularity. Till this day, one finds the popular stemware and tumblers in many antique shops in Denmark.
Since 2015, crystal glasses are offered under the traditional label Lyngby Glas, again.

Material:glass (crystal)

Care: dishwasher safe

Volume:0,36 liter

Weight: 270 Gramm (0,60 Pound)

Year of design:2015


Country: Denmark

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