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The series Hammershøi designed by the Danish designer Hans-Christian Bauer is a tribute to the ceramic artist and painter Svend Hammershøi. Svend Hammershøi ceramic works enjoy high esteem in contrast to his painting until today especially in Denmark. Hammershøi also worked with Herman A. Kähler, the owner of the that time very famous company Kählers Keramiske Værksted in Nævsted. In 2007 the almost forgotten brand witnessed a comeback. Meanwhile Kähler Design has again become a highly respected brand in the Danish and Norwegian market. Since 2015, the brand is actively sold again in Germany. The series Hammershøi includes tableware and accessories made of ceramics in different colors combined with transparent glass and oak. The riffle structure gives the pattern a certain elegance and timelessness. By the typical Danish soft lines the vases, candlesticks and dishes blend harmoniously in their surroundings. With Hammershøi the renowned brand achieved a successful combination between tradition and modernity. Of course, all parts can be used individually or matched with other dishes.

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