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Iittala Teema plate Ø 21 cm

From €13.95 * Instead of:€16.50 *

Iittala Teema plate or saucer Ø 15 cm

€12.50 * Instead of:€13.50 *

Iittala Teema cup 0.22 l

€12.50 * Instead of:€13.90 *

Iittala Teema bowl or plate deep Ø 21 cm

From €16.95 * Instead of:€19.50 *

Iittala Teema plate Ø 17 cm

From €9.99 * Instead of:€14.50 *

Iittala Teema bowl or plate deep Ø 15 cm

From €14.95 * Instead of:€17.50 *

Iittala Teema mug 0.3 l

From €12.95 * Instead of:€15.50 *

Iittala Teema starterset 16 pcs

€175.12 * Instead of:€215.60 *

Iittala Teema teapot 1.0 l

€39.95 * Instead of:€58.90 *

Iittala Teema mug 0.4 l

€14.95 * Instead of:€18.50 *

Iittala Teema plate Ø 23 cm

€13.95 * Instead of:€17.50 *

Iittala Teema creamer w. lid 0.2 l

€24.95 * Instead of:€28.90 *

Iittala Teema bowl 1.65 l

€39.90 * Instead of:€44.90 *

Iittala Teema bowl 12x12 cm

€12.95 * Instead of:€14.90 *

Iittala Teema dish 24x32 cm

€49.95 * Instead of:€60.90 *

Iittala Teema bowl 3,4 l

€54.95 * Instead of:€62.90 *

Iittala Teema bowl 2.5 l

€49.95 * Instead of:€53.90 *

Iittala Teema Mini serving set 3 pcs

€32.50 * Instead of:€37.90 *

Iittala Teema bowl 16x16 cm

From €22.99 * Instead of:€28.50 *

Iittala Teema bowl triangel length 12 cm

€14.50 * Instead of:€14.90 *


Iittala - Teema, the dish range what changed the world

The Teema tableware (original Kilta) was presented by the Finnish tableware brand Arabia in 1952 for the first time. The ceramic factory, which is located in the district Arabia of Helsinki had announced the design for a people dish before. Kaj Franck was awarded the contract with its minimalist design concept. He was limited in its design to the basic shapes of circle, rectangle, square, cylinder and cone. The parts of the dish should be multifunctional because of the social thoughts of a people dishes, such as the bowl ø 15 cm, which is used both as a cereal bowl, a deep plate or side dish. So also the pitcher was not only for serving milk, it was also used as a gravy boat.

Kilta becomes Teema

In the 1950s, this design approach was completely new and revolutionary. In 1974, Arabia stopped the production, which almost led Finland to a popular uprising. Therefore, the series has been adapted to the contemporary taste, and has been offered since 1977 under the name Teema.

2005 came the next big incision – the owner of the brand Arabia the trust Hackman, decided in future only a brand name of the brand portfolio for worldwide distribution to use. Due to the notoriety of the Aalto vase was chosen the Iittala brand for this purpose and the Teema series is since part of the collection of the former glass brand and today's design brand Iittala. Furthermore, the series has been revised up todate on the new brand identity as Iittala design brand. This work was carried out by the well-known Finnish designer Heikki Orvola who designed among other things like the votive series Kivi for Iittala.

Conscience of Finnish design

The series Kilta or Teema was a quantum leap in harness design and influenced the dishes shaping up today. The series has received numerous awards and is exhibited in many museums in the world. Kaj Franck got through the design's image to be the conscience of Finnish design, remains the most important Finnish Design award was named after him, the Kaj Franck medal. The Teema tableware has had a decisive influence with the Aalto vase's image of Scandinavian design. 

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