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Iittala Kastehelmi bowl 0.23 l

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Iittala Kastehelmi plate Ø 17 cm

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Iittala Kastehelmi tumbler 30 cl 2 pcs

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Iittala Kastehelmi bowl on foot

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Iittala Kastehelmi jar height 11.4 cm

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Iittala Kastehelmi cake dish on foot

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Iittala Kastehelmi bowl on foot handmade

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Iittala Kastehelmi jar height 5,7 cm

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Iittala Kastehelmi jar height 5,7 cm

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Iittala Kastehelmi bowl 0.23 l

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Iittala - Kastehelmi since 1964

The series Kastehlemi was designed by Oiva Toikka in 1964 for the glassworks in Nuutatjärvi in Southern Finland. The importers used the English translation of Kastehlemi - introduced dewdrop for the series.
The series became one of the most popular use glass series from Scandinavia.
. Oiva Toikka was inspired to design the pattern as most Scandinavian designers by nature. Be You have to imagine only a beautiful green meadow in morning dew, so it also needs the Finnish glass artist and designer in finding the decor for his ever-popular use glass series went
. The decor brings a strong in brilliance in the fascinating material glass, since in each bead refracts the light. The design is timeless and neutral, so that it fits in every style for every dish.
Kastehelmi was produced until 1988 in the glassworks Nuutajärvi. At the time the glassworks Nuutajärvi belonged to the kitchenware factory Arabia, which was acquired in 1990 by the Hackman Group, sending you part of Fiskars Group today. The brand name Nuutajärvi disappeared.
2009 put Iittala for the 50th design jubilee by Oiva Toikka in the company's glass series Kastehelmi again. It is now offered in several colors and there are besides the typical dish glass items also the popular votives in a wide range of colors.
Kastehelmi is the most successful design by Oiva Toikka for use with glass machine production.
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