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Iittala Kartio tumbler 21 cl 2 pcs

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Iittala Kartio tumbler 40 cl 2 pcs

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Iittala Kartio tumbler 21 cl 4 pcs

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Iittala Kartio carafe 0.95 l

€69.90 * Instead of:€72.90 *


Kartio - the stackable tumbler by Kaj Franck

Kartio was designed by Kaj Franck in 1958 as a glass series for use for Iittala glassworks in southern Finland. However, the glass tumblers are just quite simple are stackable like the Aino Aalto tumblers. Just as with his great design for the dishes series Teema, Kaj Franck used for the design only the forms of the cone and the circle as basic shapes for the design of Kartio. His two designs Kartio and Teema were radical for this time and pursued unconditional social acceptability. In particular, the dishes Teema as well as his glass series Kartio were revolutionary and refreshingly new for the 1950s. Till this day both series have a global significance in the design development of durable goods of the 20th century. Order Kartio and Teema online in an adequate price-performance ratio at scandinavian-lifestyle!

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