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Iittala - Kivi the votive

|The Finnish designer Heikki Orvala designed in 1988 for the Finnish design brand Iittala and Marimekko Kivi the candle lights. Kivi means stones in Finnish - that was also the basic idea of ??the chandelier should be offered in as many colors as pebbles on the beach, you just like to collect as the pebbles on the beach. So the series should be offered in a wide range of colors and encourage them to collect what is succeeded. Furthermore, Kivi was the first cylindrical candle lights from colored glass. In the early years he was often copied but never equaled. The Finnish design brand offers each year new colors, and occasionally double packs of 2 candlesticks in different colors for a special price, so collecting more fun. True collectors have all the window sills decorated with this elegant chandelier and they are a real eye-catcher with the huge variety of colors. Of course, the classics also acts as a single object.

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