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Iittala - Aalto

The Aalto vase was designed by Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino in 1936 for a design tender for the 1937 Paris World Exposition of Karhula-Iittala glassworks.
He has used his name for the basic idea - Aalto means wave in Finnish. He was inspired by the typical dresses of the Sami women - was also by his father of the cartographer and charted many island between Turku and the Åland Islands. Therefore, the form also strongly reminiscent of the shore from a small archipelago island.
1937, the vase was awarded with a gold medal at the Paris World Exhibition. Furthermore in 1937 Alvar Aalto got the order to equip the Savoy restaurant on the Eteläesplanadi in Ahlströmhaus, which belonged to Ahlströmgruppe at this time also like the Karhula-Iittala glassworks.
For the equipment of the most beautiful and one of the best restaurants in Finland Alvar Aalto designed furnitures and lamps and as a decorative object he chose his vase. The restaurant acquired shortly after the completion of the rights of the vase and she wore long, therefore the name Savoy vase. It is still produced today by Iittala and has now the longest produced glass vase in the world. The production of the vase is relatively expensive, it takes a group of seven glassmakers to accomplish this complicated shape with hot glass. The Aalto vase has become the most famous Scandinavian design object and one of the most important design objects in the world.
The vase can be fantastic use for tulips and many other flowers, but you can use the small vase eg wonderfully as a pencil holder, vase height 160 mm, is even used as an ice bucket - so there are many ideas how to fix this can take advantage of unique object - you can of course also just stand up for decoration in order to enjoy this beautiful shape.
The vase is offered in several colors, every year is a new color - the classics are naturally clear and white.
Today the Finnish people say - we do not buy any new vase – we buy an Aalto vase in a new color!
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