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Iittala color of the year 2017: New blue colorways

Finland is the land of thousand lakes. Because of that the Finnish design brand Iittala chose shades of shiny lake blue (ultramarine blue) as a color for the year 2017. This year no trend color was chosen as annual color, but one of the most typical colors of Finland, a darker shining blue, with the glass articles called ultramarine blue. The blue is representing not only the lakes of Finland but also the blue cross of the Finnish flag, the bright summer sky or the Baltic Sea in the archipelago…

The color recalls the history of Finland

Iittala celebrates the 100 years independence of Finland with this color. Before 1917, the country was in turn a part of Russia or Sweden and not free.

Of course, the Finnish design icon – the Aalto vase – is offered in this beautiful blue. There are also the beautiful Kartio glasses in a special package, some parts of Kastehelmi, the cult votive Kivi and the bowl Maribowl. The classic Teema is complemented in 2017 with light blue and dotted dark blue colors too.

Annual Bird by Oiva Toikka

A special highlight for the year of 2017 is the Bird with blue-white plumage from Oiva Toikka. Currently the only piece of the Birds Collection with outstretched wings is Kiuru. The Annual Bird will only be available in 2017.

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