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House of Rym – Swedish Design, Tunisian craftsmanship

The story of the young brand began with the passion of a Tunisian couple, who fell in love with the design and craftsmanship of their new home country of Sweden. Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef considered whether they could fill their working lives with Swedish design and Tunisian craftsmanship – the idea of the Label House of Rym was born.

From Sweden to the whole world

Rym and Zied got in touch with Swedish artists and designers such as Anne Backlund, Emma von Brömssen, Elisabeth Dunker, Cecilia Pettersson and were looking for craftsmen in Tunisia, who met their high quality requirements. Then 2014, the House of Rym was opened in the Hornsgatan in Stockholm and the two of them immediately began also to sell the collection in Scandinavia to resellers. The worldwide export of beautiful products also followed quickly.

Cups, blankets, kitchen towels or cookie plates with special patterns

The main focus of the assortment of the young label lies on dishes and textiles for the home. A distinctive feature of the brand is the variety of patterns which are beautifully designed and paired with poetic names. For example, the patterns are called “Arbour Harbor”, “Fir Fir Fir”, “Lucky Clover” or “Dry me out”. The textiles are made with lovely handwork and the dishes are produced only in short quantities by a Tunisian manufacturer. The collection not only mixes the different décors but also as a single product they also delight our hearts and because of their detail, they become highlights in everyday life.

House of Rym designs for young and old at scandinavian-lifestyle

House of Rym has thought of our kids and has also beautiful emotional and haptically wonderful products in the assortment such as the cushion "Please hug me" or "Little Sleephead", bibs printed by hand or exceptionally crafted baby blankets. The items are delivered in ecologically gift wraps. Many articles of this brand with an exception can be ordered at!

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