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Holmegaard Christmas 2016 bottle

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Holmegaard - Christmas 2016

The Holmegaard Christmas collection is one of the oldest collectible collections in the world. The Christmas bottle is available with annual varying decor since the 1930s. The decor for the year 2016 for the traditional Christmas collection was again designed by the Danish artist Jette Fröhlich.

A fairytale inspired the designer for the collection

For this year’s décor, Jette Frölich got the inspiration from the fairytale "The fir-tree" by the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen. The story of a fir-tree is told in this fairytale. The story begins with the fact that it wants to be as big as the other trees and then be chosen as a Christmas tree. After five happy years in the forest finally the time has come. He was cut and the children brought it with a slet to their home. Moreover, with rich decoration it shines the Christmas room of a Danish family in the evening. But then it comes to the attic, gets a mere visit of mice and rats and dries out slowly until it is burned in the spring.

Beautiful illustrations on classical glass series

For this collection Jette Frölich has illustrated the beautiful time of the life of the fir-tree as a pattern for the traditional Christmas series of Holmegaard in her unique style as well as her love of detail. On the articles of the series you will find the Christmas tree in the winter forest, the children who cut it for bringing home and in the evening the family dances happily around the richly decorated tree and celebrates the Christmas Eve. To the elaborate Holmegaard glass series 2016 belong calendar candles, bells, shot glasses and traditional bottles. You can order the Holmegaard Christmas collection on Your online shop for Scandinavian design.

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