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Hackman - Severals

The inhabitant of Bremen emigrant Johan Friedrich Hackmann founded in 1790 a commercial firm in the former Vyborg. At that time Vyborg was the second largest town of Finland. Since 1940 the town belongs like large parts of Karelia to Russia. From a commercial enterprise for wood the enterprise developed itself to an industrial company. First/Initially the founder bought at the beginning of 19th century a saw mill and brickyard in Sorsakoski in the todays southern east Finland. Then his son Johan Friedrich Hackman began in 1876 the cutlery production in Vyborg. The second N of Hackmann had already been removed from the name by his father due to much confusion for the Finns. The cutlery factory was too small and then it moved to Sorsakoski for the expansion.
The company attained the first breakthrough when it moved the manufacturing to cheap manufacturing through the mono block in 1902. Then the big next step occurred in the 1920s when the material substituted high grade-steel for the present basic material.
Around 1950 Hackman started to produce coffeepots, pots culinary accessories. In the 1960s, Hackman made by well-known designers like some cutlery series design by Kaj Franck, Bertel Gardberg and Adolf Babel. In particular, the series Savonia made the brand the leading cutlery supplier of Scandinavia. Other cutlery classics are the series Lion, Inari and Carelia. During 1990 years, Hackman bought up the famous design companies like Iittala, Arabia and Rörstrand and putted more value on design also with saucepans. Hence, the brand in the phase instructs the Swedish designer Björn Dahlström and Harri Koskinen with new designs. Björn Dahlström sketched the high quality-series tools with the unique compound material. The series is offered till this day in the collection of the Finnish design brand Iittala. Harri Koskinen designed the pot series for the everyday needs. The series was initially offered as Hackman product. It was integrated into the collection of Iittala because of restructuring in group 2005. 2014 the line All Steel was renewed. It got a new ceramic coating and there is a special selection with 5 layer material is called All Steel+. Since the renewing the line belongs to the collection of Hackman, again.
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