Georg Jensen Pyramid 24 pcs (11.12,17,33)

Georg Jensen Pyramid 24 pcs (11.12,17,33)

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Georg Jensen Pyramid 24 pcs (11.12,17,33)

Design:Harald Nielsen

Pyramid pays tribute to the geometric flair of 1920s Art Deco without compromising the carefully calibrated harmony that is central to Harald Nielsen’s work. Forms inspired by ancient Egypt were a defining characteristic of the era, a trend ignited by the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. Almost a century later, Nielsen’s cutlery tells that story with ageless charisma. Designed in 1927 in sterling silver, Pyramid’s unique motif, seen in the stepped pyramid finial topped off with a little ball, illustrates the artist’s timeless contribution to the highly stylised, geometric Art Deco movement. It also perfectly underlines his belief that "ornamentation should emphasise the harmony of the pieces but must not dominate". Perhaps this is why it succeeds today. Almost a century after the vogue for all things Egyptian has passed, the pattern stands tall as a paragon of excellent design. The theme has aged gracefully because it was constructed gracefully in the first place. The new Pyramid Cutlery comes in mirror polished stainless steel and is now part of the Masterpieces collection, a line made up of Georg Jensen works that represent milestones in design. These pieces tell the story of our heritage and our future. Their existence raises the bar for all designers everywhere.

Material:stainless steel

Contents and measurements: each 6 x table fork length 19,2 cm, table knife length 21.8 cm, table spoon length 19.7 cm, teaspoon length 12.5 cm

Special feature: Masterpieces edition

Care: dishwasher safe

Item code producer:3651524

Year of design:1926


Country: Denmark

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