Georg Jensen Copenhagen mat box 24 pcs

Georg Jensen Copenhagen mat box 24 pcs

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Georg Jensen Copenhagen mat box 24 pcs

Design:Grethe Meyer

The cutlery Copenhagen designed in 1991 by Grethe Meyer for the Danish luxury brand Georg Jensen. The cutlery is characterized by its lightness and its pleasant feel. Furthermore, the cutlery is held in the typical restrained, modern and timeless style, the Danish designer and architect Grethe Meyer dominated unmistakable. The elegant cutlery is available in a matt and polished version. It goes particularly well with the elegant tableware from Royal Copenhagen but also to the famous dishes Teema from Iittala.

Material:stainless steel

Contents and measurements: each 6 x table fork length 20 cm, table knife length 22 cm, table spoon length 20 cm, tee spoon length 13.5 cm

Care: dishwasher safe

Item code producer:3340524

Year of design:1991


Country: Denmark

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Grethe Meyer 1918-2008

Grethe Meyer 1918-2008

Artist and architect in one Grethe Meyer is not just an artist, but at least as much of an architect with a very special eye for how functionality can be combined in poetic expression. With these two areas of focus, her solutions are beautiful and eternal elements that form part of our everyday lives. Grethe Meyer completed her training as an architect at the Academy of Arts in Copenhagen in 1947. She was influenced by the unique functionalism that existed in Denmark from the late 1930s to the late 1950s. She may, in fact, be the prime example of the shared enthusiasm for aesthetic simplicity and perfect craftsmanship that goes by the international style appellation of Danish Design.
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