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Secial cutkery

In 1856 Gustav Eriksson founded the company Gense in the west of Stockholm in Eskilstuna. Initially oven doors and coffee burners were produced. In 1885 the company began the production of silver and nickel articles and from 1815 it started the fabrication of silver cutlery as well. Since 1930 stainless steel cutlery are manufactured. In the 1940s the small Swedish company hired the industrial designer and artist Folke Arström as chief designer. Under his leadership, the famous classics Focus de Luxe, Facette emerged (in Sweden this series until today the best selling cutlery series) as well as Thebe and Attaché. Furthermore he also worked together with freelance designers like Henning Seidelin, who designed the classics Pantry and Steel line. The young Bent Severin designed the classic Old Farmer and Professor Pierre Forssell who was also a silversmith formed the wonderful items that are offered today under the name Retro.
Later it also followed the designs from famous glass designers Bertil Vallien (Kosta Boda) with Figura and Ingegerd Råman (Orrefors) with Indra. The latest success of the Swedish traditional brand is the cutlery series Dorotea by Monica Förster from 2011.
The second main focus of the collection is the cast iron series Le Gourmet designed by three designers, Sigurd Persson was among others. The focus of the collection lies in the preparation of food in oven and grill. Traditionally high quality frying pans are manufactured in Sweden and are very popular. Here Gense has a wide range of normal frying pans in different kinds like: Grill, Blini, Doughnut and Pan Cake pans. Especially well known and is considered a design classic Fondue designed by Sigrud Persson.
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