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Gense Pantry coffee spoon

€6.50 * Instead of:€7.50 *

Gense Pantry dessert spoon

€9.95 * Instead of:€11.90 *

Gense Pantry dessert fork

€9.95 * Instead of:€11.90 *

Gense Pantry dessert knife

€9.50 * Instead of:€11.90 *

Gense Pantry box 16 pcs

€88.00 * Instead of:€145.00 *

Gense Pantry table stand

€52.95 * Instead of:€66.50 *

Gense Pantry salad fork

€14.95 * Instead of:€18.90 *

Gense Pantry salad spoon

€14.95 * Instead of:€18.90 *

Gense Pantry kids cutlery 4 pcs

€33.95 * Instead of:€42.50 *



Pantry is one of the best-known flatware lines in Denmark. It is often called "sailor’s cutlery" because of its characteristic "eye". The cutlery is as handy to hang up whilst traveling on the sea, as it is suitable for the modern home. The line is available in both matt and a mirror finish.
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