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Bjørn Wiinblad

The Danish company Rosendahl Design Group (RDG)got the brands Rosendahl,KayBojesen, Holmegaardand ArneJacobsen Clocks in its portfolio. RDG expanded its brandportfolio by the brand Bjørn Wiinblad in 2014.

Erik Rosendahl(founder of RDG) got attentive through a documentation program in theDanish television about BjørnWiinblad. Trough this program it got also known the famousBlue Housefrom Wiinblad gets decay. The famous house should be renewed throughsponsoring money. Erik Rosendahl donated immediately 2 million Danishcrown. Erik researched more and more about the famous house and hisformer owner. Bjørn Wiinblad had an open house in life timein Lyngby with a lot of guests which were mostly national andinternational artists – one of the most famous was ArnoldSchwarzenegger.   

The idea for the label

The designer got knownworldwide for his imaginative patterns in the 1970s. His colourfuldesigns were influenced by the Scandinavian mythology and folk art.Bjørn Wiinblad was so successful with his designs that hewas even appointed as chief designer of the world famous German Rosenthal porcelain factory.

Erik and his son Henrikwere so enthusiastic from the establishment from the Blue House thatthey researched more in more in the life of Wiinblad and found after awhile the designs from the time, where Bjørn Wiinblad as adesigner worked for the NymølleKeramiske factory (1956-1957).

Erik and Henrik calledtheir project Bjørn Wiinblad 2.0, the collection shouldinterpret the playfulness of the patterns of the by then dead artistWiinblad in a refreshing way.

An idea becomes a brand

The marketing departmentof RDG took to the fallen decision of the management to the heirs ofBjørn Wiinblad contact and acquired the rights to thepatterns from the period Wiinblads in Nymølle Keramiskefactory (1956-1957). The marketing team of RDG contacted the heirs ofBjørn Wiinblad to acquire the rights to the patterns of theperiod of Wiinblads at the Nymølle Keramiske factory(1956-1957). The Danish designer JacobBang, who is well known for his works by Holmegaard glassworkshired Wiinblad as a designer for this faience manufacturer. Thedesigner team of RDG sighted the materials and chose appropriatepatterns and created a concept for a new collection of independent andconcise look. Then, the design team actively selected colours anddesigned the products and gift boxes as well. As a result theproduction were sought that could manufacture the products in a goodquality.

Rosendahl Design Grouplaunches their first Bjørn Wiinblad Collection

RDG launched the brandBjørn Wiinblad for the first time in 2014 on an in-houseexhibition in the palace Tirsbæk (at Vejle Fjord). The brandinitially started with coffeemugs, vases, flowerpots and bowls made ofporcelain, traysmade of coated wood and biscuittins. The Danish trade was thrilled by the playfulpatterns and clear colours. After having the success from theexhibition Erik Rosendahl was confirmed about his idea. He started tolaunch the brand into the most important markets, Denmark andNorway.  Until today, Norway and Denmark are economicallystrongly linked together through the former union. For many Danishcompanies Norway is the most important export market to this date. In2015 new products were followed by kitchentextiles, papernapkins, platesor dishes, candy boxes and etageres. Alsofollowed the launching of the young brand in Sweden (Southern Swedenwas also Danish until 1658) as the third market.

Bjørn Wiinbladon

In 2016 Rosendahl DesignGroup presented the brand Bjørn Wiinblad for the first timeat the exhibition “Ambiente”(most leading fair for tableware and giftware) in Frankfurt and sincethen it offers the magnificent colour products also outside ofScandinavia. The tablelinen and ballvases were shown on the fair as novelties. Order manybeautiful products by Bjørn Wiinblad online Your expert for Scandinavian design.

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