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Almedahls - Pattern

The Swedish Fabric Company Almedahls was founded in 1846 by Hans Wessel, as he built a textile factory in Mölndalsån in Gothenburg. Originally, the company goes on a textile dyeing and bleaching back on a farm in the village of Almedahl. For the best time in the 1940s, the company employed 2,000 people with multiple business areas. After 1950, the company got into trouble and was split up and sold.
Almedahls brand reoriented himself and looked young designers to promote a renewal of the collection. Especially in the golden years of Scandinavian design (approx. 1950-1970) were created during this phase great design classics that even at Almedahls cornerstone of the collection are to this day. These designers included Marianne Westman and Astrid Sampe. Marianne Westman designed for tableware brand Rörstrand the range Mon Amie, which was the most successful tableware series of the brand until the 1980s. Astrid Sampe also worked for several companies and has provided large-scale projects such as passenger ships.
The company now focuses only on a few markets such as Sweden, Finland, Great Britain and USA. In all other countries the beautiful patterns of the Swedish weaving are very rare to find. The most popular patterns are Persons kryddskåp, Picnic and Sill from which there is a large selection of beautiful articles on tote bags to coffee mugs, from cutting board to trivet, from tray to apron, etc.. Furthermore Almedahls offers a large collection of tea towels in typical Swedish design in half-linen.
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